Superior Metal Shapes, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business specializing in aluminum extrusions with close machine tolerances. We also provide comprehensive CNC machining capabilities and full fabrication services, enabling us to meet the needs of customers across a broad range of industries and applications. We frequently work with customers in sectors such as:


Aerospace & Defense     |     Firearms & Components    |     Lighting & Interior Design     |     Medical Devices & Equipment



AerospaceThe aerospace sector relies heavily on aluminum for its durability and low weight. At Superior Metal Shapes, we’ve established many long-term relationships with aerospace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, with some partnerships dating all the way back to our company’s inception in 1983. We are well-equipped to work directly with airplane OEMs or to offer support to down-tier aerospace suppliers anywhere in the supply chain.

Aerospace applications typically use 6061 or 6063 aluminum alloys, depending on the specific part design. While 6061 offers good weldability and versatility, 6063 features a higher corrosion resistance and better workability. We commonly extrude and machine interior cabin parts for use on aircraft, such as seat parts, lighting components, and a variety of other decorative and functional components.

As a small business, we offer a quicker turnaround than many larger providers. Our agile operation can typically rush projects within 2–4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the die. We possess AS9100 quality management certification because we understand the importance of quality for the aerospace sector. We are also registered in the federal System for Award Management (SAM), enabling us to work with U.S. government entities and contractors.


Firearm Components

FirearmsSuperior Metal Shapes has established relationships with multiple firearm OEMs over the years. Fabricating the components used for firearms typically requires the ability to extrude and machine within very tight tolerances with good repeatability.

We have extensive experience fabricating hand guard rails for firearms. This process usually involves extruding the main body of the product, then incorporating secondary machining processes to finish the hand guard rail within the correct tolerances. We also have significant experience machining scope mounts for firearms. We can provide additional finishing operations on many firearm components, such as anodizing or military-grade paint.



MedicalMedical device and equipment manufacturers require the highest level of quality in the components they source. Our facilities and processes are ISO 9001:2015-certified for quality management, ensuring that we can meet the stringent quality assurance standards of even the most demanding industries.

While stainless steel is more common than aluminum for medical applications, aluminum still offers value for a variety of niche non-internal medical components. Our advanced aluminum extrusion and machining capabilities allow us to create durable and versatile aluminum tubes and components that meet or exceed the strict tolerances and complex standards of the medical sector.

We have worked with medical manufacturers to provide very thin extruded aluminum tubes used in stethoscopes, parts used in wheelchairs, components for vital sign monitors, and more. We encourage medical device OEMs and other medical manufacturers to reach out to us if you think our aluminum extrusion or machining services can support your application.


Lighting and Interior Design

Lighting & InteriorsAs a lightweight and cost-effective material, aluminum is ideal for many lighting applications. Lighting products often have a creative element, so they require component manufacturers that can adapt to a wide variety of fixture and setup designs.

At Superior Metal Shapes, we have produced components used in myriad lighting and interior design applications. We have fabricated custom aluminum designs for use in movie productions, residential and architectural settings, and more. Some of the components we’ve manufactured include mounting fixtures, hinges, and visible aesthetic pieces. Once the customer provides us with a drawing, we review it carefully and recommend design adjustments and the correct extrusion or machining processes to achieve the highest quality results.


Aluminum Extrusion and Machining From Superior Metal Shapes

Aluminum is a highly versatile material that can be used in an expansive array of applications across industries. While the sectors listed here exemplify our experience and capabilities, we are always eager to take on a new industry or product.

To see how our specialized aluminum capabilities can support your project, please contact us.