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Machining parts from a full billet of aluminum is often inefficient, wasteful, and needlessly expensive. At Superior Metal Shapes, Inc., we leverage our extrusion capabilities to produce cross-sectional aluminum parts with minimal waste.

Along with our unique aluminum extrusion capabilities, our focus on craftsmanship and quality assurance makes our services unique.

Saw Cutting

What We Offer

At Superior Metal Shapes, we specialize in creating aluminum parts from the initial extrusion processes through machining and finishing. We offer complete production services that encompass all extrusion, machining, and finishing, as well as à la carte machining for finishing initial extrusions.


Available Machining Processes

Our team of aluminum machining experts, combined with our advanced computer numerical control (CNC) machinery, can perform a wide variety of machining operations. These processes include:


Burrs are sharp, deformed edges along in-process machined parts. We offer deburring processes that remove metal splinters, restore compressed edges, and improve the quality of the piece. Deburring increases safety and improves the efficiency of assembly processes.


The term “cutting” encompasses a broad range of different tools and methods used to reduce or separate materials. Cutting serves a variety of purposes, such as subtracting material from a workpiece or separating long extrusions into specific lengths.

CNC Machining

Our CNC equipment follows precise designs by translating digital computer-aided design (CAD) files into step-by-step computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) instructions. Software controls the machine’s tools to facilitate various machining operations that form the final part. Our CNC machines can handle tasks across multiple axes simultaneously within a single set of prompts, and the machinery consistently follows the same design instructions to facilitate high part-to-part repeatability across production runs.


A form of cutting, our sawing processes split workpieces into two or more sections and meet design specifications with +/= 0.002 inches—well within most tolerance levels. Unlike other cutting procedures, sawing creates clean straight lines as it cuts through the metal and doesn’t leave produce waste such as chips. As a cold process, it also won’t burn or melt the new edges.

Our Technicians

Our Technicians

Our team includes specialized machinists who know how to operate CNC machines at maximum efficiency.

Also, our engineering liaison has over two decades of industry experience and can work with your engineers to create the right plan for production and assembly. We work closely with each client to execute projects as cost-effectively, efficiently, and expertly as possible.

ISO Certified

Quality Assurance

To make sure every product remains within specifications and adheres to our high-quality standards, we have a stringent in-house inspection process. Our company is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified for quality management.

We inspect every first run, conduct incremental inspections during production to catch any potential errors, and perform final spot checks before shipping. We also conduct NADCAP certifications and will bring in independent third-party inspectors upon request.

Finishing & Additional Services

Finishing & Additional Services

Once the metal workpiece has been extruded and machined to all relevant design specifications, we can finish the product and make it ready for assembly or packaging. We work with trusted business partners who provide high-quality finishing services without complicating your project’s supply chain.

We manage the finishing process to ensure that your order arrives correctly and on time. We can provide line-graining finishing in-house, however, for other finishing processes we work with outside vendors. Our outside finishing services include:

  • Anodized painting
  • Buffing
  • Heavy etching
  • Military-grade finishes

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